What happens when a classical violist breaks free of traditional boundaries and launches into looping and songwriting? A uniquely crafted, soulful and raw account of her life as a gypsy musician told amidst sweet vocals and layers of deep, rich strings [more] 


No gigs at the moment!

Hey everyone!

Like my fellow musicians, my live gig calendar has been obliterated by you-know-what.

But HEY! Life is still awesome and you can catch me doing live gigs over at my Instagram and Facebook pages.

Also, you can now LEARN FROM ME! My virtual studio has opened and you can book an awesome string lesson from me (violin, viola or cello) with some pretty cool options and styles at this link:

Stay safe and well!





Viola ensemble

River - Joni Mitchell (voice + viola quartet)

Blood Of Eden - Peter Gabriel (voice + viola trio)

String quartet

River - Joni Mitchell (voice + string quartet)

Blood of Eden - Peter Gabriel (voice + string trio)


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